Best Fleets to Drive For was started because we wanted to recognize the companies doing great things for their drivers, and share those ideas so others could benefit from them. The more people that get involved, the better we can do that!

There are lots of ways to be part of the Best Fleets community, whether directly through the evaluation process or indirectly by attending one of the many events where we share the results.

Program Participation

Participating in the Best Fleets program isn't just about winning a contest or gaining public recognition. Many fleets have told us they go through the process just for the chance to evaluate their own programs and see what their drivers think. Even if you don't make the Top 20, there's a lot to be learned by thoroughly reviewing your policies and programs with an objective, outside expert.

Nominations open after Labor Day each year, and it only takes one nomination to get into the program.

Upcoming Events

After the results are compiled each year, we do numerous workshops and presentations to share the results across the industry. Magazine articles, webinars, and industry conferences are produced through the spring and summer each year to share trends, best practices, and innovative ideas. Here are events we'll be attending over the next few months:


Each year, the details of the Top 20 are published in the Best Fleets Final Results booklet, distributed at the TCA Convention and posted online:


If you're a member of the press and would like information or background for an article, we're happy to help. Contact TCA or CarriersEdge and we'll share whatever we can.